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Power Sculpt
Yoga Teacher Training
with Christine Boone
September 18 - 19 & October 2 - 3


Power Sculpt Yoga Teacher Training (PSYTT) is a 30-hour intensive yoga training that combines flexibility, strength, muscular endurance training, and cardiovascular endurance; blended with an upbeat yoga vinyasa practice; that will take your yoga classes to the next level. Sculpt, tone, build strength, and improve your overall wellness as you journey and move through this exciting teacher training provided by Christine Boone of Anderson Yoga Center.


Objectives throughout the PSYTT Certification will include:

  • Understand anatomy and kinesiology principles, especially in relation to yoga and utilizing hand weights throughout a yoga class; 

  • Understand, identify, and apply principles of exercise within a yoga class;

  • Understand breath and breathwork use during power sculpt yoga;

  • Identify and demonstrate understanding of the body’s muscle groups and related exercises to tone, strengthen, and increase cardiovascular endurance;

  • Demonstrate and identify class modifications for Power Sculpt Yoga;

  • Write and develop a complete outline for a Power Sculpt Yoga class (60 minutes);

  • Demonstrate understanding of music choices for class;

  • Demonstrate application of skills by teaching a live Power Sculpt Yoga Class.


Upon completion of this course, which includes the demonstration of successful instruction and teaching of a Power Yoga Sculpt class at Anderson Yoga Center, a Power Sculpt Yoga Teacher Certificate and 30 Continuing Education Hours will be awarded to each student.



  • Minimum active 200 Hour RYT (Yoga Alliance Certification and registration)

  • Must attend at least 3 Power Yoga Sculpt Classes at Anderson Yoga Center in between the weekend dates

  • Must attend all sessions and demonstrate the ability to teach Power Sculpt Yoga in order to receive a certificate of completion






Weekend 1 – September 18 & 19, 8:30am – 5:30pm both days

Weekend 2 – October 2 & 3, 8:30am – 5:30pm both days


Pre-registration is required, and all attendance policies apply. Questions? Feel free to reach out to Christine here. You can register through our branded app, or using this direct link:

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