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Body Tempering with Ethan Murphree

Body Tempering is a weight-assisted soft tissue manipulation technique used for mobility, strength preparation, and recovery. It is now being used world-wide for a variety of tradespeople and athletes alike, seeking relief from chronic physical pain and peak performance in their craft! It is performed using specific tools and techniques, designed for the muscle groups being targeted. Sessions are one-on-one, and specifically tailored to the unique needs of the individual seeking treatment.

Body Tempering is a complimentary therapeutic offering for yogis especially, as another form of self-care, and as a way to target any muscle- and joint-related needs in the body for a better yoga practice.

Ethan is a certified Body Tempering Practitioner, trained and certified by Compound Performance and Rehab of Cayce, SC.

Please feel free to email us through the "Learn More" button below for pricing and scheduling!

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